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About Us

Serving with the concept of Innovative Warehouse Solutions, Üçge DRS produces warehouse shelves specially designed for the retail and industrial sector. Established for more efficient goods and service production with faster, higher and stronger motives, Üçge DRS is a member of Üçge Group which is one of the most pleasant colors of life, equipped with shopping and shopping places.

The annual production capacity of our company which produces custom solutions is 1.371.000 kg in traverse production, 457.000 kg in console production and 11.664.000 kg in Highrack foot production.

Üçge DRS was organized to reach all regions of Turkey on the same day with 18 regional offices.

Our company philosophy is to provide customer satisfaction with quality, economical and timely production. In terms of benefit-price, internationally acknowledged products, the entrepreneur lives in 67 countries of the world. Having exported its production at a rate of 40%, ÜÇGE Family is proud of the Turkish industry with its advanced technology production lines to meet the increasing demands.